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Samantha Kong – 人像及婚禮攝影師
捉瞬間美麗為主調。 攝影生涯之初,主要以拍攝香港及澳門的婚禮為主,其後的工作範疇已

Samantha 擅於從女性角度出發,藉攝影說故事,細味情感。 拍攝時著重與客人的交流溝通,
以了解每位客人的想法和性格,拍出一套專屬於他們的照片。 2009年成立 [Samantha Kong
Photography],Samantha一直致力求變,不斷創新 ,並以「不重複自己」為座右銘。

  • 2012年起,其足跡開始遍及世界各地。 她曾於美國、英國、意大利、俄罗斯、中國、澳大利
    並吸收不同地區的攝影文化及技巧。 Samantha 的拍攝態度和能力,深得不同國籍背景的顧客
  • 2012-13年,Samantha 獲香港電台訪問,分享其工作態度及見聞。 其他雜誌專訪包括香港時
    尚雜誌 [瑪麗嘉兒]、電子產品雜誌 [DIGI數碼雙周] 及中國的 [今日新娘] 等。 另外,她亦曾於
  • 2013年,Samantha 於英國業界享負盛名的人像及婚禮攝影師協會SWPP舉辦的國際攝影比賽
    中,獲頒 “Post & Pre-wedding” 組別的年度金獎及個人組別銀獎。 這是她首次參與的國際攝
  • 2014年,成為亞州攝影聯盟TTL 的認可導師 (TTL APA Educators) ,定期與國際知名攝影工
  • 2015年,其作品榮獲SIGNATURE WEDDINGS 的全球五十最佳婚禮照片。
  • 2015年,Samantha 於中國十多個城市,馬來西亞及菲律賓舉辦個人的教學工作坊及攝影分享
  • 2016年,Samantha 獲香港 [攝影雜誌] 訪問及登上該雜誌月刊封面人物,分享其工作態度及
  • 2017年,為首位香港女攝影師獲燈光器材品牌PROFOTO邀請到瑞典總公司參觀及出席產品

A contemporary wedding and portrait photographer.
Samantha started her career in photography since 2008, and she had been shooting over 1000 wedding and engagement sessions. Capturing the moment of instant beauty, her photo style perfectly reflects a combination of elegance and nature. In the early stage of her career, Samantha was mainly focusing on Hong Kong and Macau market, later on she started extending her working scope to overseas’ wedding.

From the perspective of a female photographer, Samantha believes that photo is more than recording memories, but also expressing a lively and sentimental story. She believes that there is no universal photo shooting style, she has been paying lots of effort to communicate with clients, looking into their personalities in order to take a unique set of photographs for each precious client. Samantha learnt her craft from a renowned photographer, starting from being an assistant and established her own prestige brand, Samantha Kong Photography, in 2009. She then flew over United States and Australia to enhance her photographic skills and vision through attending different workshops and seminars, which significantly reflected what she always believe: New ideas are generated from continuous learning.

  • From 2012 onwards, Samantha’s working scope started to spread all over the world such as America, England, Italy, Russia, China, Australia, France, Finland, Japan, Thailand, Hungary, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia and Taiwan etc. Apart from Asian, her professional working attitude and shooting techniques are well-recognized by clients with different nationalities, including but not limited to Italian, German, Japanese and Malaysian etc.
  • 2012-2013, Samantha was having the honour of being interviewed by RTHK, about her sophisticated photo shooting experiences. She was also interviewed by fashion magazines such as [Marie Claire], [DIGI] from Hong Kong and [Today’s bride] from China. She has also held a photography exchange conference and sharing session with professional photographers in Beijing.
  • In 2013, Samantha first entered an international photography competition organized by the well-known SWPP London. She won the gold award in “Post and Pre wedding” category and a silver award in the individual category of the competition, which was a significant achievement in her photography career.
  • In 2014, Samantha became one of the recognized educators in TTL APA, which allowed her to work and share photo shooting techniques at this platform, and to exchange ideas and knowledge with international photographers.
  • In 2015, Samantha is honored to received the Best 50 Wedding Photos by Signature Weddings. Samantha has conducted workshops and seminars in multiple cities among Asia pacific region such as Manila (Philippines), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and various cities (China).
  • In 2016, Samantha has been featured in one of the iconic photograph magazine in Hong Kong [Photo Magazine, HK] to share her view of photography.
  • In 2017, Samantha to be invited to the world product launching event in Stockholm, Sweden who she was the first and only female photographer from Hong Kong.



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