Since 1987, King On has set an uncompromising standard for each photography and video production. Handcrafting each assignment requires up to one full quarter – creating a set of rare quality and global renown. Not surprisingly, King’s Production remains the choice of social elite of each epoch.
During more than 20 years of continuous operation, King’s Production has produced just over 1000 wedding assignments – a small number compared to companies that favor mass production techniques. In the greatest portrait tradition, King’s Production continues to apply its expertise and creativity in the production of photos and videos that are among the best artistic value in the world. It is said that King’s portrait is just as beautiful as an art displayed in the gallery.
In additional to wedding photography, the King’s Production Team has also involve with many Corporate Clients over the years including:- MTV Billboard, The Hong Kong Ballet Group, Paninsula Hotel, Intercontinental Hotel, Grand Hyatt Hotel,
Hong Kong Parkview.




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