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For me, less is more. As a portrait photographer, I am out to discover the beauty in everyone I photograph.

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    • 服務地區* 香港, 澳門, 日本, 韓國, 台灣, 英國, 意大利, 法國, 捷克, 荷蘭, 奧地利, 比利時

    I specialize in the photojournalistic + portrait photography style when it comes to the weddings I cover. My job at the weddings is to create a sequence of photographs that beautifully portray the unique story of the bridal couple. A story that explains the inimitable interaction between them, the moments they share, and the emotions they experience. I’m not just out there photographing people and perfect moments; I make them look pretty too!

    My favorite part? I love to observe the precious bond shared between the bride and groom, and the way their families and friends gel into it to make it stronger.